reiki rays of hope for caregivers,reiki rays or hope staff helping elderly patients heal many illnesses of mind, body and spirit.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal energy. The Reiki practitioner, using a very light touch, holds various hand positions for several minutes each on the recipient's body. The recipient stays fully clothed. Even though Reiki is not a massage, treatments can be given on massage tables or in chairs. The recipient feels warmth and comfort and usually becomes quite relaxed. The powerful, gentle Reiki energy aids the body to heal many illnesses of mind, body and spirit. Reiki does not replace traditional medicine but enhances and complements it. Many medical facilities are now using Reiki in their integrative medicine programs and offering it free to patients.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our Reiki non-profit organization is to empower caregivers by providing them with instructional classes in Reiki relaxation techniques at a low-cost to help comfort themselves and those in their care.

Target Caregivers

We offer Reiki classes to any caregiver who falls into one of these four categories: