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Reiki Rays of Hope for Families & Children

Reiki Rays of Hope for Families & Children, LLC., is the successor company of Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers, Inc. (2007-2015). The new organization focuses on delivering Reiki educational services to families and children nationwide. Families including children 13 years of age and up, participate in an eight-hour class of comprehensive instruction in the understanding of Reiki energy techniques for application for comfort and relaxation in daily life. Children in the family ages 8-12 participate with their parent(s) in a more simplified four-hour class of activity-based experiences to understand and enable them to use the Reiki energy in their hands to help themselves and others.

REIKI News Magazine - Winter 2008

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Teaching Reiki To Caregivers
Article by Judy McCracken - CEO; Reiki Rays of Hope for Families and Children, LLC