Patient and Staff member with Reiki testimonials


Keith Myers, previous President & CEO of Montefiore, Beachwood, OH, presently President & CEO of MorseLife Health Care, West Palm Beach, FL

“I had the pleasure of meeting Judy McCracken, a REIKI Master at Montefiore. After she explained the principles of REIKI and the ways it could help the elderly, I felt strongly that a holistic approach needed to be a part of the services that we offered at Montefiore. As I gained more exposure to REIKI and saw the continued benefits on our resident population, I embraced this alternate care method at an even greater level. I had an innate feeling that it needed to be part of the Hospice Program to ease pain and distress and part of the Dementia Unit to provide a sense of calm, especially for residents experiencing “Sundown Syndrome.” I thought that this association with REIKI would help position Montefiore as a premier organization in the country. With that goal, I wanted Judy to start testing the validity of REIKI on different patient populations and to use Montefiore to train new REIKI masters. I believe strongly that the successes that were experienced during my tenure at the helm of Montefiore were due to the great energy that REIKI brought to the organization.”

Jennifer Johnson, Caregiver

“I have been able to get 98% relief from my chronic, lifelong insomnia by using REIKI.”

Arlene W., Caregiver, North Olmstead, OH

“I have a better attitude and my patience is improving. It was a gift I will always appreciate.”

Patti Sottosanti, Caregiver

"My father suffered from Parkinson's Disease, and REIKI was one of the few things that brought him peace. I was so grateful for this, especially in the last weeks of his life."

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