Reiki practitioner with patient in treatment

Standard Level One Class for Caregivers

Instruction - 8 Hour Course

The eight hour course of instruction consists of an introduction to Reiki and a summary of the history of Reiki. Students receive supervised instruction in the use of hand positions for treatments which we have found to be especially effective for recipients.

Curriculum - Level One Class Content

Reiki Instruction Manual with visuals

DVD - 15 minutes – overview of what REIKI is and can do; testimonials from caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s; testimonials from 4 RN’s about the Reiki programs in their healthcare facilities.

DVD - 30 minute instructional video demonstrating a whole body Reiki treatment on a massage table, adapted hand positions for use on hospital or residential beds, and a whole body Reiki treatment in a chair, the model being promoted by REIKI Rays for its practicality and usefulness in daily life.

Supervised Practice of Reiki Treatments
Reiki Master teacher supervises in-class practice of Reiki by students on one another.