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Reiki Masters and Instructors

The Reiki Masters listed below are currently affiliated with Reiki Rays of Hope for Families and Children, LLC as independent contractors. They have completed orientation training and are certified by the organization as Reiki Master Teachers of Caregivers. The organization contracts with them individually to perform as instructors in our Reiki classes for caregivers. They are the rays of light that spread the gifts of Reiki to caregivers. Without them, this important work could not be done.

Barb Orlandi
Fran Picone
Mary Lynne Princic
Linda Richards
Buddy Ann Ross
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Sherry Safier
Eric Scheider
Tammie Scheider
Mary Schwendeman
Leigh Shaheen
Julie Silvestro
Regina Staple
Susan Steiner
Kelly Stokoe

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Rhoda Thomasson
Nancy Thrams
Bonnie Weston
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Florida Reiki Masters
Ellen Buscemi
Nancie Leon
Dot Rogel
Ed Russell
Paula Silverman
Carol Spears

Donna Allen
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Peg Askew
Alex Braverman
Candi Bukky
Sue Burns
Kristina Ceicys
Kathy Cowles
Rosemary Cramer
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Mary Jean DeVaul
Susan Durnan
Denise Eller
Phil Fine
Mara Grampp
Stephanie Griffin
Dolly Haden
Nancy Herrick
Rose Hosler
Ann Hyland
Peggy Isquick
Maggie Kimble – Massages by Maggie LLC
Diane Korman
Rachel Kuehn
Patti Lombardo
Maggie Maginn
Sarah Mattson
Pattie Mayher
Julie Nemet
Dan Oldham