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UH Hospital

RROH in University Hospitals

University Hospitals Healthcare System - Cleveland, Ohio

University Hospitals is one of the nation’s leading healthcare systems providing high-quality, patient-centered medical care in many locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Its 1032 bed tertiary medical center houses Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Seidman Cancer Center and MacDonald’s Women’s Hospital, all included in a total of 25 hospitals and healthcare centers. UH employees 24000 physicians and staff members and is also an affiliate of the prestigious Case Western Reserve University.

Connor Integrative Medicine Network (CIMN)

In January, 2011, Chris Connor, a member of the UH Board of Directors, and his wife, Sara, gave a gift of $1 million to University Hospital to institute an integrative medicine program. The Connor Integrative Medicine Network (CIMN) headquarters is housed in the new, state-of-the-art UH Ahuja Medical Center. It is staffed by a UH administrator, a medical director, coordinator and assistant and contracts with providers of acupuncture, massage, meditation classes, reflexology, Reiki, tai chi and yoga. These services are offered to UH staff, patients, families and community members.

Initiating Reiki In University Hospitals Healthcare System

It is challenging to introduce and integrate Reiki into healthcare facilities in which most staff have not heard of Reiki or have heard the term but have no idea what it is. The first Reiki activity conducted by RRoH at UH was a level one Reiki class offered to staff, free to them via the Connor gift. The eight hour class, divided into two 4-hour sessions, was attended by 35 UH staff members, including 3 doctors, 12 nurses and other staff from all hospital departments. Reiki was well-received and many of those initial participants took further Reiki training. To date, RRoH has trained 347 UH staff in Reiki One.

The next significant activity was the introduction of Reiki chair treatments to staff. Staff at Ahuja Medical Center were offered 15 minute Reiki chair treatments, free to them with the Connor gift. The first offering was at a nurse appreciation day. It was quickly apparent that nurses could not leave their posts to go to another hospital area for Reiki. Since then, chair treatments are offered on all floors to all staff members while they are working, Reiki able to give positive effects even while the recipient continues at their computer, etc. Reiki masters wear royal blue vests with REIKI written in 4 inch white letters across the back for easy identification. Staff quickly learn to beckon to the masters in blue, requesting a Reiki chair treatment. By December 2012, 1725 Reiki chair treatments were given to staff by RRoH Reiki masters. In October 2012, RROH began giving 15 minute Reiki sessions to patients at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center. This pilot project, involving 300 patients, will be assessed at the end of the year to determine the feasibility of continuing this service throughout the University Hospitals Health System.

Written, Informed Consent for Reiki

RRoH takes the strong position that there should be no stealth Reiki. All recipients are given literature about Reiki, all questions are answered and all recipients then sign a written consent form agreeing to the Reiki treatment. The consent is a one-time blanket permission with clear information that the Reiki services can be discontinued at any time.